Month: May 2020

A Smokescreen for Abortion

Targeting Phyllis Schlafly is not the only goal of Episode Two in the Mrs. America miniseries. Abortion is introduced as a prominent issue. Focusing on Gloria Steinem, the episode highlights her abortion and her dreams as a woman.  Hollywood’s ill-researched depiction of Gloria is that of a dreamer on behalf of women everywhere. In the …

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Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly was an articulate voice for her convictions. She testified before dozens of state legislatures, as well as Congress.

FACT CHECK: Cate Blanchett Misses The Real Friendship Of Phyllis Schlafly And Ronald Reagan

Phyllis Schlafly and Ronald Reagan were more than just contemporaries. They were close friends and allies in the fight for pro-family values. Phyllis recognized Reagan’s bona fides early on and supported him when few others were. It was the same way with Phyllis and Donald Trump. In this important fact check video, Ed Martin shows …

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The Real ERA Follies

On March 22, 1979, Phyllis Schlafly gathered the indispensable leaders of the efforts to stop ERA for a “Pro-Family Gala” celebrating the expiration of the proposed amendment. A memorable part of the evening was the “ERA Follies,” a special program of mostly comical parody songs written by Phyllis herself. Most people are surprised to know …

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Chauvinistic Feminists

FX Network’s Episode Two of Mrs. America opens up fiercely against Phyllis Schlafly. She is shown as insecure, dishonest, and desiring personal success. Hollywood portrays her as despising the success of others, feminist and anti-feminist alike.  In reality, Phyllis praised Ann Patterson for beating the Equal Rights Amendment in Oklahoma, sending her $200 to be …

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Photo of the Day

Pictured here are Phyllis Schlafly’s “battle medals” from Republican National Conventions. She participated in every Republican National Convention from 1952 to 2016. Some say she has had more influence over the Republican Party Platform than any other person in the history of the party.