Month: April 2020

Photo of the Day

A professional pie thrower named Aron Kay was hired by the feminists to assault Phyllis Schlafly. He completed is mission with an apple pie on April 16, 1977 at a reception for the Women’s National Republican Club. Phyllis’s eye was painfully scratched by the incident.

Photo of the Day

Although Phyllis Schlafly never held public office, she was no stranger to electoral politics. Managing successful campaigns and running for Congress twice were instrumental in broadening her knowledge of the political landscape.

FACT CHECK: Liberal Bias Of Mrs. America Cast Exposed

Cate Blanchett has been doing countless interviews assuring all of us that Hulu’s “Mrs. America” is an unbiased portrayal of Phyllis Schlafly. An interview with Blanchett and the cast of Mrs. America on CBS says otherwise. Watch this video as Phyllis Schlafly Eagles President Ed Martin breaks down their lies in minutes.