Month: June 2020

Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly believed that the American woman could be anything she wanted to be. Phyllis never held other women back, and she never let anyone hold her back.

The ERA’s Paganistic Roots

Within Mrs. America’s Episode Two, Gloria Steinem’s party celebrates the debut of the first issue of Ms. magazine. Mrs. America captures the front cover perfectly. Hindu goddess Kali rallies the fight against the Christian principles America was founded upon.  In the episode, Steinem states, “Those are tears streaming down her face because she has to …

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Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly considered herself to be a full-time homemaker first and foremost. She never took a paycheck for her political efforts. To her, that was a hobby.

Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly encouraged other women to become a powerful voice in the policy-making process. She empowered them to fight for the issues they cared about.