Month: June 2020

Debating With Dignity

Mrs America’s Episode Four portrays Phyllis Schlafly’s debate with Betty Friedan infamously and incorrectly. The opening scene depicts Phyllis receiving debate coaching from her husband Fred Schlafly. He emphasizes using emotional repertoire to unhinge one’s opponent.  In the episode, Phyllis wryly jeers, “The ERA will not solve your personal problems…. It most certainly will not …

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The Present Push for ERA

In Mrs. America, Episode Three continues the ongoing push for abortion. Gloria Steinem is portrayed making a deal with George McGovern’s campaign. The feminists demand abortion be voted upon on the floor, but Democrats know this will ruin the election for McGovern. A McGovern staffer explains the situation to Gloria and proposes remaining “neutral.” She …

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Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly liked to say that she had it all, just not all at once. She was hated by many and loved by many. Feminists called her a traitor to her sex and the worst kind of hypocrite. Conservatives called her a modern heroine and an unstoppable force. She wasn’t a TV villain with a …

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Feminism’s Oppression of Femininity and Masculinity

The Ms. magazine from Episode Two not only promotes unisexuality, it endorses socialism within the home. Perfectly dividing the household chores emphasizes both a oneness of gender and a division of labor, which leaves the women with all the work.  The Phyllis Schlafly Report captures Phyllis’s interpretation of the first Ms. issue, “It is anti-family, …

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Photo of the Day

Candidate Donald Trump and his wife Melania briefly pause his presidential campaign to attend the funeral of Phyllis Schlafly. On the day after her death, her last book was published. It was entitled The Conservative Case for Trump.

Photo of the Day

This pictures shows Phyllis and Fred Schlafly on their wedding day. Fred’s sister Eleanor warned him not to pack books on mathematics for the honeymoon because she said it would insult Phyllis. As it turned out, Phyllis had stuffed her own suitcase with books on politics and economics. As Eleanor later recalled, “I knew it …

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