The Present Push for ERA

In Mrs. America, Episode Three continues the ongoing push for abortion. Gloria Steinem is portrayed making a deal with George McGovern’s campaign. The feminists demand abortion be voted upon on the floor, but Democrats know this will ruin the election for McGovern. A McGovern staffer explains the situation to Gloria and proposes remaining “neutral.” She agrees on the condition that the “the right-to-lifers” cannot speak. Her reasoning, “We don’t want anyone saying that abortion is murder right before the vote.” 

Hollywood focuses this dialogue on the fact that “women are being butchered on kitchen tables.” McGovern’s people clearly, “don’t want to hear about it.” This sets up the scene for the floor vote where the deal turns sour for Steinem. 

What Hollywood does not highlight is that this agreement silences millions of pro-life Americans voting in 1972. Earlier in the series, Republicans are chauvinists and in this episode they are bugging hotel rooms, but here it is acceptable for Democrats and feminists to prevent freedom of speech? 

When the floor vote takes place, McGovern’s people suddenly renege, enraging Steinem. Her “sisters” escort her out as she cries, “They’re never gonna take us seriously. We’re just walking wombs!” This statement emphasizes the supposed dehumanization of women because they can bear children. Logically, it is a ridiculous statement. Strategically, it invokes the sympathy of young impressionable women who will be voting this year. This miniseries rewrites history and targets a female audience to influence and continue the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States. 

CBS’s interview with the Mrs. America cast reveals the bias and intent of this series. Rose Byrne claims that Phyllis was “the biggest feminist of all of them.” Elizabeth Banks wears an “E.R.A. Now” pin during her interview. All this and more occurs without even consulting the Schlafly family or another point of view.

The timing of the Mrs. America miniseries is not coincidental. When Americans would rather be binge-watching TV series than watching the news, Hollywood is employing the strategy of rewriting history and slandering Phyllis Schlafly’s legacy to promote an anti-life culture among America’s youth.