Reagan and Schlafly

The final episode of Mrs. America finishes a historically inaccurate series with more falsities. Phyllis is seen to be more selfish than ever and not only that, she is “anointed by God.” Hollywood presses on with its unruly accusations.

Episode Nine portrays the presidential race of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. Phyllis is shown to approve of Reagan on a whim to further her own personal agenda. She wants a place on the cabinet, so she backs Reagan hoping he will commend her for her support. 

Hollywood fails to read history as always. Before Reagan won the 1980 election, Phyllis Schlafly wrote in 1968 that Reagan was “a great American, a wonderful patriot, a leader of stature and courage, who conducted himself throughout with dignity and integrity.” In 1971, she highlighted his popularity in the Gallup Poll, and she endorsed him in 1976 before he announced his candidacy via television and her book, Ambush at Vladivostok.

As for needing political recognition, Phyllis recalled the STOP ERA movement fondly, “a little band of unflappable STOP ERA in red, headquartered in my kitchen on the bluffs of the Mississippi River set out to challenge all the big guns of modern politics.” She proudly continued, “We had no big names on our side. No president. No governors. The governors of North Carolina and Florida publicly demonstrated against us.”

Unlike the feminists who played and pushed political men to promote their agenda, Phyllis and her movement raised their voices and based their arguments on facts. Feminists do not want to acknowledge that Phyllis empowered women. 

The miniseries concludes with Steinem saying, “No matter how long this revolution may take, there can be no turning back.” Hollywood takes a step further by citing all the recent states which have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment.

The message is clear. The Hollywood liberals want to see the ERA fight resurrected. The dark forces promoting ERA have not changed, and it will still be just as detrimental for women as Phyllis warned years ago. 

Phyllis Schlafly’s legacy remains and it is imperative that women and men fight again to keep traditional families. In 1972, Phyllis started the STOP ERA movement in her kitchen, and it beat a relentless foe. Now, conservatives must stand together and fight for “God, Family, and Country.”