Jordan Henry

CLIP: Liberal Phil Donahue Loses It When Phyllis Schlafly Crushes ERA

On December 9, 1975, Phyllis Schlafly could have been thinking about a dozen different things. She had just finished an interview with the Sun Times. She would have another interview with Time Magazine later in the day. Law school exams were just around the corner, not to mention preparations for Christmas. Phyllis didn’t have the …

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Study Up For Mrs. America

Carol Felsenthal wrote one of the most definitive biographies of Phyllis Schlafly in 1981. Called The Sweetheart of the Silent Majority, it takes a deep dive into Phyllis’s personal life as well as her fight against the Equal Rights Amendment. If you want to learn more about the real Mrs. America, this book is well …

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Photo of the Day

Phyllis Schlafly’s friends called her the epitome of the “happy warrior.” Her classic smile contrasted starkly with the often angry-looking women’s libbers.

Photo of the Day

On March 22, 1979, Phyllis and hundreds of allies celebrated the expiration of the seven-year deadline of the Equal Rights Amendment. The festivities were interrupted when someone called the hotel to say a bomb had been placed under Phyllis’s podium. In her diary for that day, Phyllis casually wrote “Gala Dinner celebrating the End of …

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