Does The Culture War Still Matter?

The liberal takeover of American culture is undeniable. Everyone knows that television, movies, music, and just about every other form of mass media is dominated by a leftist outlook. The slippery slope of Hollywood moving further and further to the left is just as undeniable. What was considered unthinkable a generation ago is now embraced with open arms. What was tolerated by our parents is considered an inalienable right now. As our media goes, so goes the rest of society, and our Republic with it. Nothing I just wrote is shocking to anyone. However, what shocks me is that no one seems to care. We just accept the Hollywood lies as inevitable and let them go unanswered.

For me, Hulu’s series claiming to document the life of my mentor Phyllis Schlafly is a breaking point. They spent $50 million saying that it was supposed to be entertainment that’s “Based On True Events.” One reviewer even said that their fictionalized version was “more illuminating than a documentary.” Of course, they don’t care about history. The only two things they care about are money and power. The money comes when they get lots of people to watch it and the power comes when they destroy the legacy of a conservative titan like Phyllis Schlafly.

Remember, this is bigger than you and me. Hollywood is targeting your children to turn them against you, against America, and against God. The average age of a Hulu viewer is 32. That means there are a lot of millennials and even children of millennials hearing the conservative arguments of Phyllis Schlafly for the first time ever through the lens of Hollywood. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

We can’t just shrug off this problem and hope that it will go away. If the last few decades of cultural decline have taught us anything, it’s that the problem is only going to get worse if we sit idly by. We need to carefully watch what media we allow into the lives of our children. We have to support upstart conservative media. It’s time America gets back in the fight to reclaim our culture.