Photo of the Day

Pictured here is Fred Schlafly.

Quote from The Sweetheart of the Silent Majority by Carol Felsenthal, 1981:

“Their sharing of a conservative, individualistic philosophy, in fact, was what brought Phyllis and Fred together. Ironically, the unwitting matchmaker was a liberal Democrat – former Illinois Senator Paul Douglas.

“Fred was preparing to debate the senator on the subject of free enterprise vs. a planned economy when Fred received an issue of The St. Louis Union Trust Company Letter. It carried an obscure quote from Senator Douglas’ early writings that, Fred decided, ‘showed that Douglas was a Socialist.’

“Fred dropped by the bank to find out ‘if the guy who had dug up that intriguing quote had anything else on Senator Douglas.’ The ‘guy’ turned out to be pretty, curly-haired, blue-eyed, twenty-four-year-old Phyllis Stewart. Fred asked her to dinner that day in March, proposed in August, and married her seven months after their first date.”