Schlafly Biographer Calls Mrs. America Trailer “So Inaccurate It’s Absolutely Shocking”

Dr. Donald Critchlow, Katzin Family Foundation professor at Arizona State University, is the author of Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism. His well-researched book delves deeply into the life of the real Mrs. America. This comes as no surprise since he was welcomed to examine all pertinent parts of the Phyllis Schlafly archives maintained by Phyllis Schlafly Eagles in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her financial records, correspondence, and family letters were all at his disposal, as well as Mrs. Schlafly herself.

While Critchlow’s knowledge on Schlafly is no surprise, he was certainly surprised by the content of the main trailer released by those producing the new Mrs. America show on Hulu. He called their portrayal of Phyllis “reminiscent of how she was being caricatured by her opponents in the 1970s.”

However, what seemed to surprise Critchlow the most was their depiction of her family life. In one part of the trailer, Phyllis’s husband Fred can be seen shouting in disgust “I have let you run around this country with your cause!” According to Critchlow, Fred “never yelled at his wife.” He said this depiction was “so inaccurate, it’s absolutely shocking.”

To be sure, the trailer is only a taste of what is still to come when the show is released on April 15. From the looks of things, it will be light on facts and heavy on Hollywood. At Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, we are dedicated to introducing a new generation to the real Mrs. America, the woman adored by countless patriotic conservatives for her dedication to God, family, and country.

To read Dr. Critchlow’s quote in the Washington Examiner, click here.