Hollywood’s Attack on Phyllis, America, and the Family

“Based on True Events” is a slogan Hollywood employs to gain the attention of the masses. How true is such a claim? FX Network’s Mrs. America series misrepresents the legacy of Phyllis Schlafly. Every Wednesday, Hulu airs new episodes. Kravitz’s objectifying song, “American Woman” sets the stage for Hollywood’s abusive power.  

Hollywood revisionists impose the title, “Mrs. America” on Phyllis Schlafly. An American woman, Phyllis Schlafly promoted the same Christian principles the Founding Fathers endorsed. Hollywood does not. Twisting Schlafly’s character mocks both Mrs. Schlafly and the United States of America. Objectifying both suits Hollywood’s agenda.

Hollywood boasts a “patriotic” claim, while filming in Canada. “Service Ontario” looms among the scenery of the original FX trailer. 

Screenwriters maliciously target Phyllis’s political activism. In the trailer, Betty Friedan’s character questions, “Who the hell is Mrs. Schlafly?” This is followed by Schlafly’s famous headline, “What’s Wrong With ‘Equal Rights’ for Women?” Falsely presented as Vol. 5 No. 4, Ed Martin says, “They [Hollywood] aren’t even bothering to check the basic facts.”

The original document reveals Phyllis’s intent to politically empower all Americans. Encouraging  readers to use their voices, Phyllis wrote, “Yes, you. This speech is designed to be given by you before any group in your community.” By that point in time, the report had been circulating for five years. Phyllis was clearly an established political figure. 

Hollywood’s intentional misportrayal of this issue undermines Phyllis’s goal of empowering American men and women. The 1960s and 1970s claim the feminists as empowering women, but Phyllis already was. Her famous Vol. 5 No. 7 issue of the Phyllis Schlafly Report emphasizes the Judeo-Christian principles the United States was founded upon. Her argument is clear, “It is based on the fact of life — which no legislation or agitation can erase — that women have babies and men don’t.” 

Hollywood disagrees with this. Their aim is to depict Phyllis as a woman controlled by men, and her emotions. Portraying her family as miserable intentionally undermines Phyllis’s beliefs. She was an influential woman who believed in the traditional roles of men and women. It is no surprise that Hollywood would objectify and slander Phyllis Schlafly to promote their war on the family.